Nonna Gallucci to provide half time oranges to all 52,000 spectators

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 10.56.25 PM.png

Crows matriarch Nonna Gallucci has copped the dreaded Round One slot on the clubs Orange slice provider roster, much to the delight of the City of Adelaide

Ahead of the clubs opening round clash against Hawthorn, Nonna has been seen hoarding oranges from her local greengrocer as she prepares to provide the half time snack.

She plans on providing the traditional half time snack to all spectators at the Adelaide Oval this Saturday afternoon, with Crows players and staff also expected to receive a serving. It is understood that Hawthorn players will be prohibited from ingesting the oranges.

It is understood that a personal phone call from Adelaide Coach Donato Pyke was required to convince Nonna to still attend the match after she found out that her favourite Grandchild, Jordan, was not selected to play.

“I was so mad” said Nonna. “But Donato, he explain that Jordy still recovering from his sore foot. He take care of my boy.”

Nonna hopes that the oranges will sustain the crowd as they cheer on their team with a renewed sense of hope.

“I just hope that this year that stronzo Brett Burton stays away from Jordy and his friends. He is no good!”

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