Kane Cornes accused of ‘fudging’ his firefighting career


Cadet journalist Kane Cornes has today come under fire from the South Australian Fire Service for ‘fudging’ a firefighting career.

The explosive revelations come just a day after Cornes accused the Adelaide Football Club of lying about their membership numbers.

The stunning report was leaked by industry insider Andrew Gavel, who spoke candidly to the Journal.

“Looking at the news reports from 2015 is where it gets interesting. They say Kane retired from football to follow a lifelong dream to become a fireman.”

”A fireman. Surprising isn’t it. Well that’s because he fudged his career.”

”In a clear ploy to attract the grace and goodwill of the community, as well as a strategic move to differentiate himself from Steven Rowe, Kane has inexcusably included his digital ‘Come n Try’ fire station visit certificate in his resumè.”

The Journal understand that instead of joining the Metropolitan Fire Service, Cornes partook in an online mobile game that included a level where players had to extinguish a fire started by the Hamburglar.

Gavel is unimpressed.

“Kane please, stop misleading us all.”


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