Nonno Gallucci, wearing suit pants and a polo shirt, reclines in deck chair for ninth day straight


The Grandfather of Adelaide Crows young gun Jordan Gallucci has today decided to get an early start on his holiday ritual of relaxing in a deck chair wearing suit pants while his wife of sixty years slaves away in the kitchen. 

Nonno spoke to the Journal while sipping on a glass of grappa that he made in his bathtub.

“Christmas was such a wonderful day. My favourite grandson Jordy came to visit. He looks so strong! My wife, she spends too much time fussing over the boy, sometimes, she forgets about me!” the 85 year old chuckled.

Nonno is referring to his wife, beloved Grandmother and suspected crime boss Nonna Gallucci, who he says recently had her first sleep since Christmas.

A fully reclined Nonno said he admired his grandson’s dedication to his craft, but reiterated his unwavering belief that the youth of today are lazy and don’t work hard enough to receive any praise.

“Except for that nice boy Rory Laird. He do a good job at watering my concreté”

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