Jordy Gallucci set for intense pre season fitness regime after Nonna’s Christmas lunch

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 9.05.05 PM

Jordan Gallucci has reportedly failed his skin folds test after returning to pre season training having consumed his entire bodyweight in schnitzels at Nonna Gallucci’s Christmas lunch.

Onlookers at West Lakes this morning were stunned to see Gallucci finish behind Andy Otten in the 20m sprint as preparations ramp up for the teams assault on season 2019.

Gallucci spoke to Journal reporters after training had concluded.

“I couldn’t help myself. Have you ever had some of my Nonna’s food? It’s amazing. Plus, Nonna was still so mad at me for missing sauce day so I had to make her happy and eat my fill. She still thinks I’m a growing boy.”

Rumours that Gallucci may now have to go on a special nutrition program to reduce his weight are apparently unfounded.

“Yeh Pykey did want me to stop eating for a few weeks, but Nonna was having none of it. I don’t think Don is brave enough to challenge Nonna over it so I’m all sweet.”

More to come.

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