Gallucci’s Nonna fuming after discovering Pre Season trip clashes with family Sauce day


Adelaide Crows young gun Jordan Gallucci has today built up the nerve to tell his Nonna that he won’t be able to make sauce day this year – a revelation that has left the 83 year old fuming.

As is tradition amongst many Italian families, once a year Nonna brings the whole family together to make sauce using a family recipe passed down through generations.

“Young Jordan always loved sauce day” explained Nonna. “I don’t understand why he don’t love his Nonna no more.”

“He never comes to see his Nonna. I see him on the television and I can tell he isn’t eating enough. He’s a growing boy.

Jordan explained his predicament to the Journal.

“I love sauce day and I know Nonna is upset that I can’t go, but our preseason camp is on the same weekend. The camps can get pretty weird but that’s preferable to Nonna asking me when I’m going to get married and give her great grandchildren.”

However, the Journal can reveal that much of Nonna’s distress comes from a pattern of Jordan disregarding sauce day etiquette.

“Yeh she’s still upset with me for last year. I completely misread the invitation and brought Sam Jacobs along.”

“She’ll be ok though. She always tells me that blood is thicker than water.”

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