Tyson Stenglein uses new found relevance to promote new business selling Isagenix


Former Adelaide and West Coast player Tyson Stenglein has used his new found relevance to ask you if you’re happy with how your body looks and whether you’d like to buy some Isagenix products.

Stenglein explained that he was pouncing on the opportunity gifted to him after the Crows today traded for Tyson Stengle.

“Got to take them as the come fellas, and right now they’re coming fast. People are either confusing me for this Stengle kid, or they recognise the similarity in the name and are reaching out to see what I’m doing now.”

“And let me tell ya, I’m doing great. And you could be to if you decided to join me in my Isagenix journey. It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done, and that includes launching bombs from outside 50 at AAMI Stadium.”

Stenglein was later seen messaging Facebook friends he hadn’t spoken to in years asking how they were going man and if they were happy with their current physique.

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