Crows fan still chuckling about Port’s after the siren loss


James Whetman has today woken up with a grin on his face despite the Crows loss to GWS that ended their Finals hopes. 

Instead of his usual Sunday morning ritual that includes watching the highlights of a recent Crows game, Whetman has today treated himself to the replay of the final quarter between West Coast and Port Adelaide.

“I haven’t stopped chuckling since the siren sounded. You couldn’t script it better.

Whetman is referring to the Eagles after the siren win that mirrors their victory over Port Adelaide in last years elimination final.

“After all the moaning in the media from Hinkley and Kane Cornes after Jerka’s winning goal last week, this was extra special.”

“You get what you deserve hey Kenny.”

When questioned about the Crows misfortunes, Whetman was cheerier than expected.

“At least now the season is officially done and we can stop pretending that we might make finals. I’m all in for the best draft pick at this point.”

“If Port somehow capitulate and don’t make the finals then I’ll almost give this season a pass.”

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