Sam Gibson asked to retire by CrowMania after lacklustre guernsey sales

Sam gibson

Adelaide Crow Sam Gibson has today announced his retirement after failing to meet his KPI’s in replica guernsey revenue. 

Gibson, who came to the Crows from North Melbourne in a trade for pick 91, played five games for Adelaide in the number 20 made famous by Tyson Stenglein and Ivan Maric.

CrowMania Head of Operations spoke exclusively to the Journal.

“Sam is an outstanding person, a consummate professional both on and off the field, but unfortunately his jumper sales were way below what we expect of a player on the senior list.”

“His badge sales were steady, but we put that down to the sales techniques of the CrowMania staff rather than player popularity. Our recent blind testing showed that he was barely outselling Paul Hunter.”

Adelaide CEO Andrew Fagan suggested that the fact that news media reported on Gibson’s retirement after it was announced at midday on a cold Tuesday in August was a surprise, but could indicate that he may turn into a bit of a cult figure in the future.

“We’ve seen this before with blokes like Chris Schmidt. They get more popular once they leave and you don’t have to worry about them picking out opposition players with every kick.”

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