Hinkley requests calculator for coaches box in preparation for adding wins and losses post showdown.


Port Adelaide coach Kenneth Hinkley has demanded David Koch provide him with a scientific calculator ahead of tomorrow’s Showdown as he prepares to adjust his signature post game celebration depending on the result.

Earlier this year, Hinkley made headlines when he celebrated his teams thrilling victory with a demonstration of the Adelaide Crow’s dominance over the last six showdowns.

“I need to be able to add a win to either the Port column or the Crows column and I need to be able to do it fast” Hinkley told the Journal.

“I can’t rely on Voss to be able to count, and I still suspect that Nathan Bassett is a Crows plant. So it’s up to me.”

The Journal understand that Kochie is hesitant to allow the request, fearing that his preference for American brand Texas Instruments Calculators will offend the Chinese and put the club’s China strategy at risk.

Hinkley is adamant.

“I conned that fool into re-signing me for three years last year, I’m sure I can persuade him to give me a scientific calculator.”

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