Shock as Crows player’s new girlfriend reveals she doesn’t have Instagram

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The West Lakes community is in shock today as rumours spread that the new girlfriend of Crow heart throb Ben Davis does not use the social networking application known as Instagram.

The woman in question, Rose Park based Amanda Pryor, spoke exclusively to the Journal.

“I just never saw what the big deal is about Instagram. I mean who wants to see photos of my life? All I really do is work out, go to cafe’s, take my dogs for walks and attend events with Ben. Who would be interested in that?”

The Journal understands that the revelation has caused a rift between Amanda and the other Crows WAGS (Wives and Girlfriends) who feel like they aren’t able to take photo’s with her.

One anonymous WAG spoke to the Journal.

“Don’t get me wrong she’s a lovely girl. She’s funny and smart – I think she’s studying to be a surgeon – but if I can’t tag her in a photo with me at Polo in the City, whats the point of getting to know her?”

Amanda is adamant that she won’t be downloading the picture sharing app.

“I live a pretty good life without it so I don’t see why I need to. It’s not like brands are going to pay me to take photo’s with their products.”

“I just don’t see what the big deal is.”

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