Gil McLachlan to trial AFLX rule changes in upcoming AFL Finals series

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VFL CEO and South Australian traitor Gillon McLachlan has stunned the AFL world with his admission that the AFL are considering trialling rule changes for the immensely popular AFLX competition in the upcoming AFL finals series.

McLachlan, who turned his back on his South Australian roots to obtain the top job at the VFL, said that trialling the rule changes in games that matter did not compromise the integrity of the game and would be a perfect way to assess their impact.

“AFLX is my brainchild, and I want to see it succeed. There’s no doubt that the tournament earlier in the year was a hit with fans, players, and the national broadcaster who pays my salary.”

“There’s no chance that these trials will compromise the integrity of the competition, because we’ll only trial them in games where interstate teams are playing, and we know that they won’t win the Grand Final anyway due to the systemic bias towards Victorian clubs that I instituted.”

McLachlan claimed his popularity was at an all time high, giving him a mandate to make such decisions.

“I sat down with the heads of Foxtel and Channel Seven yesterday and we had a great time. Trust me if I was the most hated man in Australian sport I think I would have picked it up from them.”

McLachlan then ended the interview to attend a Polo match.

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