Crows fan channels A Beautiful Mind while determining which results assist their finals hopes

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 12.21.45 PM

Local accountant and Crows tragic Jonny Rundle has turned to a combination of statistics, intuition and advanced excel spreadsheets as he calculates the equation required for the Crows to make finals.

Speaking to the Journal from his Rose Park home, Rundle explains that after last nights win against Brisbane, the Crows are still in with a shot at making the top eight by the end of the season.

Last night was important for us. Not only did the boys get up, but Geelong beat Melbourne with a kick after the siren. That was actually a bad result for our finals hopes but a good result for my soul.”

“We obviously need to keep winning, but we probably need a few other results to go our way. Like today we want West Coast to beat North and Carlton to beat the Hawks.”

Rundle goes into depth.

“Essendon beating Fremantle is ok, because if the season goes to shit again we will fall below them and get a good draft pick. But we also need to watch our percentage so that we can get above them if need be.”

“Hold on a minute.. according to my calculations I’m supposed to barrack for Port against GWS. Fuck that. If that’s the cost of making finals then I don’t want to make them.




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