Upcoming game against Geelong reminds Crows fan of last time he was truly happy

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This Thursday’s match against Geelong has reminded Crows superfan Will ‘Woody’ Dowd of the last time he was truly happy. 

Sitting at his desk planning his September holiday, Woody reminisces about the 2017 Preliminary Final.

“It was without a doubt, the best moment of my adult life. Better than my wedding day. Better than the time Luke Shuey beat Port with a kick after the siren. Even better than that one time Darren Lehmann saddled up next to me at a pub toilet.”

The Crows beat a hapless Geelong by 61 points, setting themselves up for their first Grand Final in 19 years.

Woody describes how that night was the last time he experienced true happiness.

“Pretty much, since then its all been downhill.”

“The boys have hardly won a game since. I thought after we won AFLX that my happiness would start creeping back. But alas no.

Woody admits that he has now given up on finding true happiness ever again.

“It’s pretty hard to see the the light at the end of the tunnel when that light actually turns out to be a bus full of blindfolded players driven by Brett Burton and blaring the Richmond theme song on repeat.”

“But f*ck me. When Sloaney killed Dangerfield… that was up there.”

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