Brett Burton credits Collective Mind training for Adelaide’s thrilling comeback win


Adelaide Head of Football Brett Burton has credited mind training organisation Collective Mind with giving the Crows players the belief to pull off their thrilling final quarter come back against West Coast.

Burton, who has faced questions about his future this week after a press conference announcing that the club had split with the controversial organisation, said that this was all part of the plan implemented at the start of the season.

‘Collective Mind is all about challenging players, putting players through adversity so that when faced with tough situations they can respond.”

“This whole thing has been a plan. I have brought the club into disrepute as a way to challenge the players mentally, and last night you saw the results. This win was really created by Collective Mind.”

Meanwhile, Collective Mind creator Amon Woulfe has revealed that the negative press surrounding the mind training group has completely destroyed his business.

“This has been a disaster. I thought partnering with a big club like the Crows would do wonders for me. Instead I can’t walk down the street without someone threatening to blindfold me and play the Richmond theme song repeatedly.”

“Even the shitty corporate seminars we do for companies that want to pretend they care about professional development have dried up.”

More to come.

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