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Brett Burton still trying to get out of hole that he dug himself


Adelaide Head of Football Brett Burton is today scrambling to dig his way out of the enormous hole that he finds himself in following yesterday’s press conference. 

Burton, who was appointed to the role due to his friendship with Crows Board Member Mark Ricciuto, fronted the Adelaide media yesterday to announce that the club has severed ties with mental training organisation Collective Mind.

Rather than put the fanbase at ease, Burton’s defensive and arrogant remarks and refusal to go into specifics regarding the clubs controversial pre-season camp has caused more angst amongst the fanbase.

In contrast, Don Pyke’s willingness to accept that mistakes had been made in the pursuit of improvement displayed assuredness that Crows fans have been begging for.

While Burton is still admired by the fanbase for his high flying exploits as a player, his inability to take responsibility for his failings have left many questioning his future at the club.

The Journal reached out to Burton for comment, but he was unwilling to go into specifics while answering our questions.

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