Jake Lever still refers to Uluru as ‘Ayers Rock.’

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 10.57.29 PM

A sensational report out of Melbourne this morning has revealed that Melbourne Demons defender Jake Lever still refers to Uluru as Ayers Rock.

The report comes as Melbourne prepare to fly to Alice Springs to host the Adelaide Crows in the ‘Heart of the Nation’ game in Alice Springs.

Aboriginal elder Jarrhan Jacky said he was not surprised that Lever was unaware of the cultural insensitivity of referring to the iconic landmark as Ayers Rock.

“Lever? He looks like a bloke who would change his name to James Cook just to avoid the ongoing comparisons with Tommy Doedee.”

“Have you seen his old man? There’s a card carrying Reclaim Australia member if I ever saw one.”

“I also heard he wants to blow his new found cash on a QC to challenge the High Courts decision in Mabo. Whatever floats your boat I guess Jake.”

The revelations are expected to contribute to the overall dislike of Melbourne in Alice Springs, which the Crows will look to use to their advantage.

“The town love the Crows. Eddie has been really good. He came up here in the offseason and got involved with the community. The Crows AFLW team is involved in the NT as well so there’s a lot of goodwill for the club.”

“The last Melbourne player to show up here was Liam Jurrah… the less said about that the better.”

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