Brett Burton still confident that his fitness program that led Brisbane to a wooden spoon is the best in the business

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Adelaide Crows Head of Football Brett Burton is today standing by his much criticised record as a high performance manager as reports emerge that star midfielder Brad Crouch will miss the entire season after being incredibly mismanaged through a groin injury. 

Burton, who joined the Crows after a five year stint at Brisbane, said that the clubs current run with injuries was down to a whole range of different and unrelated factors, but that none of those factors could actually be attributed to him.

“C’mon boys, before you criticise me, take a look at my credentials. I can jump really high and I also was heavily involved at Brisbane during the Voss era. Thats it.”

Burton, who was handpicked for his role at the Crows by board member and former teammate Mark Ricciuto, said that he was definitely at the club through a merit based selection process, and not through a ‘boys club’ pick.

“Boys club? Spare me fellas. If this was a boys club, how do you explain blokes like Nigel Smart working in high paying roles? Or Rod Jameson being the member elected representative on the Board?”

Burton has also hosed down speculation that the club continually lies to fans about player injuries.

“I wouldn’t say we lie about injuries. We just tell the fans an alternate version of the truth that gets their hopes up, before allowing a Victorian journalist to break the actual facts a few months down the track. I like to call it a competitive advantage.”

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