Kane Cornes accuses Damien Barrett of being a Crows employee after single positive article.

Conres Barrett

AFL shock jock Kane Cornes has today accused fellow media personality Damian Barrett of being an employee of the Adelaide Football Club after Barrett wrote an article that praised Taylor Walker.

Cornes, who has a long standing personal feud with Walker, claimed that anyone who wrote a well-balanced article regarding the Crows captain must be on the clubs payroll.

“How can anyone have anything positive to say about Tex” Cornes screeched to no one in particular. “Andrew Fagan must have paid Barrett to write this.”

The accusation comes only days after Cornes accused former Crows legend Wayne Carey of acting as a mouthpiece for the club in his praise of Walker’s performance against Sydney.

“I don’t care that he kicked five goals in courageous win in an undermanned side playing away against a premiership favourite. Did you see what Travis Boak did against Geelong? That’s leadership.”

The Journal’s investigations revealed that Boak in fact did nothing against Geelong.

Barrett has refuted the allegations, saying he was too busy writing his weekly ‘Sliding Doors’ column to be working for the Crows.

“If… Kane Cornes claims something as fact… Then… the opposite is normally true.”

“You can use that as a quote boys.”

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