Man celebrates perfect weekend as Crows win and Port lose


“So this is what heaven feels like.”

Those are the words of Scott Naughton, a 33 year old engineer from Norwood.

Scott has just awoken from a mid Sunday nap to realise the he has just experienced the fabled ‘perfect weekend.’

“I knocked off work on Friday for a few quiet ones with the lads. Then we settled in to watch the Crows get up. I think I lost my voice about 10 minutes into the first. What a win!”

“What made it even better was the fact that Port stunk it up against Geelong last night. I forgot how good it was to be supporting a team that has Dangerfield playing in it.”

“Maybe now the media will focus on the fact that Port have actually been playing really poorly. Atkins kicked as many goals in one half as Dixon has for the year. If Cornes wants to talk about captains underperforming, he should have a look at Travis Boak.

The amateur team Scott plays for also managed a win on Saturday morning, delivering a rare trifecta of perfection.

“I’m so hungover right now and I don’t even care. Im just going to watch the replay from Friday night again.”

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