Crows fan secretly disappointed that Eddie Betts’ newborn twins aren’t boys


Adelaide Crows fan Will Graham has today tweeted his congratulations to Eddie Betts and his wife Anna on the birth of their twin daughters while secretly harbouring disappointment that the newborns aren’t boys.

Speaking today after basking in the glow of the mediocre victory against St Kilda, Graham explained his feelings.

“Obviously it’s a wonderful thing for Eddie and Anna that the girls are healthy. I couldn’t be happier for the Betts family.”

“But gee a few more father-son recruits wouldn’t go astray.”

Graham is an avid follower of the burgeoning Auskick career of Betts’ oldest son Lewie, and is keen to see how he progresses when he comes up against the bigger bodies of the under 8’s.

“Lewie will be Eddie 2.0. No question about it. Billy will be as well, although he really needs to focus on his discipline and attack on the footy at this stage of his career.”

When informed that the two daughters may be eligible to play for the Crows AFLW team under father-daughter rules, Graham became visibly happier.

“Bloody hell. We’ve already got Erin Phillip’s daughters signed up. The girls will be unstoppable.

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