Report: Jake Lever trade looking pretty damn good right now

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 8.34.41 AM.png

Last years blockbuster trade that saw Jake Lever traded to Melbourne for two first round picks is looking like a bloody masterstroke, a new report has revealed. 

While Lever has struggled having to play on a direct opponent, his red hot replacement Tom Doedee has thrived, earning a NAB Rising Star Nomination in just his second game.

Speaking exclusively to the Journal, Doedee appeared comfortable with the growing hype around his performances.

“It’s been really good to come in to the team and play my role. I’ve had to wait for a little while to get a spot but it’s made me hungry to succeed. Turns out playing as the third defender is pretty easy when you’ve got Daniel Talia, Kyle Hartigan and Jake Kelly there crash packs and a future Brownlow medallist in Rory Laird at your feet.”

“What were Melbourne thinking paying $850,000?”

Meanwhile, rumours are circulating that the reason for Lever’s stunning drop in form is due to Melbourne coach and former Adelaide captain Simon Goodwin having little to no time for traitors.

Long time Melbourne fan Oliver Gilbert vented his frustrations.

“Goodwin is a Crows plant. I knew it all along. He has been put in that job by the Crows old boy network, and now Ricciuto is pulling the strings.”

“This trade is worse than the one where we sent them Scott Thompson for a packet of chips.”

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