Sam Gibson asks teammates to call him ‘Gibbsy” in bid for Round One berth.

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Adelaide Crows recruit Sam Gibson is taking an unorthodox approach in his bid for a Round One selection. 

The former Kangaroo has asked his new teammates to call him “Gibbsy” in a bid to fool the coaches into picking him over the more talented Bryce Gibbs.

Speaking to the Journal after a gruelling training session, Gibson said he had to be realistic about his prospects of forcing his way into the Crows star studded midfield on talent alone.

“Lets be real. You’ve got Gibbs, Sloane, Crouch, Crouch, Greenwood and Matthew Signorello all banging the door down. There’s not a lot of room for a good honest toiler like me.”

“But then I realised, Pykey doesn’t actually know me from a bar of soap. If I could get the boys to call me Gibbsy or Gibbo in front of him, it might confuse him enough to give me a gig.”

Gibson, who was famously traded to the club after Justin Reid misconstrued Andrew Fagan’s demand to ‘get Gibbs on the team,’ said that so far a few of the boys had been open to the nickname.

“Jenkins is trying to get a hold of the nickname ‘Fog,’ so we’ve been helping each other out a bit.”

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