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Strathalbyn Bakery prepares for biggest single day profit after learning Darren Jarman will attend today’s JLT game

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The Strathalbyn regional economy has received a much needed boost today, after Darren Jarman confirmed that he would attend the Adelaide Crows preseason hit out against Fremantle.

The quiet country town, with a population of just over 7,000, is anticipating the arrival of 10,000 Adelaide fans and 2 Fremantle fans for today’s game.

While this influx of tourists will no doubt have a positive impact on local business, it is the arrival of Jarman that has got tongues wagging.

“It’s huge news. We had to put an extra order of pies in last night and we’re still not sure if it will be enough” says Strathalbyn Bakery owner James Begley.

“The local farmers have had to knock off about 50 cattle to fill the pies, the flour mill has been working through the night. We had to get a shipment of tomato sauce in from Johannesburg as no one in Australia had enough stock on hand. That’s before you even consider the amount of work the donut machine has done.”

Begley predicted that Jarman’s arrival could be the turning point the town has needed since Strathalbyn Toyota hit financial hardship during Luke Brown’s crypto-currency crash.

“I’m predicting that I’ll equal last years total sales in one day. It’s going to be massive.”

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