Rucci commemorates ten years since he last broke an AFL story

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As he sits and looks at his emails, watching his hundredth request for a one on one interview with Don Pyke go unanswered, Michelangelo Rucci reflects on his past accomplishments in breaking AFL stories. 

Best known for his attempts at relevancy by promoting an anti-Crow agenda, few Adelaideans realise that Rucci once actually broke a newsworthy story.

“I remember it like it was yesterday. I was walking from Alberton to the Port, which is something I like to do to clear my head, when I saw Josh Carr driving along Commercial Road. I made up an article saying that he wanted to be traded back to Port Adelaide, and by some miracle it turned out to be right! Even Hutchy was impressed.”

In the decade since, Rucci has preferred to let others do the investigating, and by others he refers to the Port Adelaide Football Club media department.

“It turns out that journalism is actually pretty hard, so after that I’ve tended to act purely as a Port Adelaide mouthpiece. Even that is getting hard though since they are giving all the good stuff to Kane Cornes.”

“But you never know, one of these articles about Andrew Fagan and Don Pyke engaging in misconduct might turn out to be true. If I could get an interview with either of them, I’d be able to find out for sure.”


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