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Adelaide Crows rising star Elliot Yolmen impresses during AFLX tournament.

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 11.12.27 PM

Unheralded Adelaide Crows rookie Elliot Yolmen has captured the eyes of commentators after his recent standout performance during the teams successful AFLX campaign.

Despite having the physique of a player who has spent six years in the AFL system, Elliot Yolmen is entering just his fourth day of his AFL career, and burst on to the scene with a series of scintillating plays in the Adelaide Crows midfield.

Elliot Yolmen, who looks, sounds and plays exactly like fellow Crow Cam Ellis-Yolmen, was first spotted by Channel Seven commentator and all round weirdo James Brayshaw.

“I love the look of him. Those big muscles. The corn rows. He’s got everything.”

“BT reckons he might have to buy a house next to one of his parents if you know what I mean.”


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