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Historic Adelaide Establishment Re-branded After Crows Legends Purchase Site


A popular Adelaide Nightspot has been purchased by Adelaide Crows legends Michael Doughty and Wayne Carey and rebranded as ‘The Dogga and Duck’ ahead of its grand opening this weekend.

With international DJs Damn Ellis-Yolmen and Style Cheney from the Chene Smokers spinning the best tracks of ’97-’98 and the Gallucci Gang performing with sax man Mellow Signorello on Saturday nights, Carey is expecting lines out the door all weekend long.

“It’s exciting. We’re bringing a bit of spice back to the CBD. Hindley Street hasn’t been this hot since Paddy Ryder went toe to toe with the police.”

“I’d encourage everyone to come down during the day and enjoy the Tom Lynch Ten Sausage Rolls for $10 special, or some Elliot Himmelburgers. Then come the evening we’ve got drinks specials all night, including $2 shots and shooter McGoverns, and $5 Eddie Schnapps from the pocket.

Doughty was excited for the Ebony Marin-off-your-rocker Ladies Night each fortnight.
“We’ve got the hottest chicks, the hottest acts, and the hottest tracks. Duck put up the cash, and I’m bringing the hash.”

“But seriously we obviously don’t promote drug use in our establishment and would advise anyone planning on actually bringing hash that we’ve hired Sarge Perrie and Truck Rutten as our security.”

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