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Bryce Gibbs Regrets Move to Adelaide After Discovering Magic Mountain No Longer Exists

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Adelaide Crows prized recruit Bryce Gibbs has today revealed he regrets asking for a trade to the club after he discovered that popular theme park Magic Mountain had closed down. 

Speaking to the Journal from the Crows preseason camp in Queensland, Gibbs explained that he believes the Crows recruiting staff deliberately kept the news from him during the trade negotiations.

“Growing up in Glenelg, Magic Mountain was the place to be. The memories I have of flying down the waterslides I cherish forever. The black slide was my favourite.”

“As soon as I moved back I got in the car and took my son Charlie down Jetty Road to have a ride on the bumper cars. Not only was the place gone, it had been replaced by some piece of sh*t called ‘The Beachouse. What the f*ck is that?”

“I rang Justin Reid straight away and asked to be traded back to Carlton. He said that it was the first he had heard of Magic Mountain closing. I don’t believe him but it seems like the contract I signed was pretty watertight, so it looks like I’m stuck here.”

“Justin told me that Dazzleland at the Myer Centre is still open, and at least I can still take Charlie to Puzzle Park and Greenhills Adventure Park.”

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