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Graham Johncock Revealed as Spokesperson for Durex

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Former Adelaide superstar Graham ‘Stiffy’ Johncock has today been unveiled as the newest public spokesperson for international condom brand Durex.

The fan favourite who wowed crowds with his daring run and physicality, said that he was privileged to take on the new role.

“I was shocked when my manager said that an opportunity had come up. If I was them I would have asked Brett Burton, although I’m not sure if Durex has products for that size and clientele.”

Johncock said the move was natural for him in his post football career.

“I was silky with ball in hand. Durex products aren’t too dissimilar. I loved taking things on straight down the middle. What better way to do that then with Durex.”

When asked about whether he planned to boost sales by marketing to former teammates, Johncock wasn’t coy.

“I’ve been trying to get Roo (Former Club Captain Mark Ricciuto) to use the bloody things for ages. The guy has six kids! But he insists that Andrew Fagan has him on a mandated breeding program.”

More to come.

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