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Luke Brown Blows Fortune on Bitcoin

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Adelaide defender Luke Brown has become the latest victim of the most recent ‘Crypto-crash.”

The decentralised currency known as Bitcoin has enticed would-be investors with it’s stunning gains, but is highly volatile and no stranger to fluctuation.

The latest crash came only hours after Brown had transferred all of his significant fortune into the currency.

“Let me say straight away that I’m never taking investment advice from Rory Atkins again.”

“I thought it was a sure thing. I’d never lost on my investments in Balfours and Strathalbyn Toyota, why was this going to be any different?”

“You see, no one really understands bitcoin the way I do.”

“Because it’s cryptic, there are heaps of letter combinations, which confuses the average punter. Then you choose which ones you like – chuck down a few grand – then when you take it out, you’ve got more money!”

It is understood that following the market crash, Brown has spoken to his manager about creating a bidding war for his next contact negotiations.

“If Jake Lever can get $800 thou a year, then I’m surely worth $1.2 mil. I have no choice now anyway. I’m 3 days away from having to move in with Matty Signorello. We all know what goes on at the Matt-Pad after hours. I wouldn’t get any sleep!



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