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Adelaide Crows Heart Throb Matthew Signorello Confirmed as Newest Bachelor in Paradise Australia Contestant

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Channel Ten has today confirmed the long running rumour that the highly anticipated ‘Bachelor in Paradise Australia’ will feature Adelaide Crows hottie Matthew Signorello. 

Speaking from the club’s training camp on the Gold Coast, Signorello was quick to pour water on rumours that the move would impact his footballing life.

“This is pretty standard operating procedure for me to be honest. Nothing will really change. I’ll be hanging out in a ripper house, with beautiful women and some blokes that aren’t up to my standard. The only thing that will be different is that I won’t have Ben Jarman around to try and steal my girl. Emphasis on try.”

The show, which differs in format from traditional Bachelor seasons, will also feature past favourites including Laurina Fleure and Keira Maguire.

“I think Laurina and I will get along. We both have an appreciation for the finer things in life, and zero tolerance for mediocrity. She won’t be getting any dirty street pies from the $ig.”

“Jarrod Woodgate though. He’ll be in tears again once I’m done.”

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