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Malcolm Blight named Australian of the Year

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Malcolm Blight has today been named the 2018 Australian of the Year for his lifelong commitment to Australian Football. 

Blight was given the honour during an awards ceremony in Canberra on Thursday night, where he spoke exclusively to the Journal

“This is a dream come true. In my list of achievements it goes the two premierships, then the long bomb to win the game, then my stint on “The Fifth Quarter” with Steven Quartermain, then this.”

While Blight is perhaps most famous for his contribution to the sport of Australian Football through the two premierships he won with Adelaide in the late nineties, he was named Australian of the Year for his courageous effort to join a drivetime talkback radio show hosted by Kane Cornes.

“It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Getting Darren Jarman to stop eating pies was easy compared to putting up with Kane’s drivel.”

“I’m getting used to it though. I’ve learnt that anytime I say the word ‘Fire’ he shuts up very quickly.”

When queried whether he thought he was deserving ahead of other nominees including leading surgeon Matthew Liptak, Blight was dismissive.

“That’s a wank!”


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