Man with ‘Crows Premiers 2017’ Tattoo Actually Just a Massive Fan of the Women’s Team

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A local man who tattooed ‘Crows Premiers 2017’ on his arm just days before the 2017 AFL Grand Final is actually just a fanatic supporter of the Adelaide Crows AFLW team, it has been revealed.

Nathan Kang, 25, was the source of widespread derision and ridicule when he made the choice to tattoo the words on his arm the week before the Crows devastating loss to Richmond.

‘I actually was planning the tattoo ever since Erin Phillips kicked that goal in the 3rd quarter to put us up by 2 goals. It was lit.”

“I love the women’s team. I reckon Jessica Sedunary is the future of football in this state. Don’t get me started on Tex Perkins. Better mitts than Tex what’s his name over on the mens team.”

“No regrets.”

Kang was later seen scrubbing his arm furiously with bleach and googling information for tattoo removal.

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