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Balfours Releases New ‘Flog Cake’ in Honour of Former Employee Kurt Tippett

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Acclaimed South Australian company Balfours has today released its latest product in memory of former employee Kurt Tippett – The Flog Cake. 

Modelled off the famous ‘Frog Cake’, the sweet treat recognises the significant contribution that Tippett brought to the comany during his long standing ‘Tippett’s Tips’ series.

The 30-year-old, who has apparently been struggling with injury and footballing ability since leaving the Adelaide Crows in 2012, announced his retirement to much relief from his Sydney Swans teammates.

Balfours Head of Production Trent Willcox said that the Flog Cake was designed to epitomise every facet of Tippett.

“Kurt was an interesting guy. Not a good guy mind you, but interesting. He brought us a lot of publicity, but he also had terrible cooking tips. That little thumb smudge he did with the tomato sauce was genius though.”

Despite the new product being marketed heavily, sales are not as high as Balfours had hoped.

“It turns out making a cake based on a guy who the majority of the state have a burning hatred for is not the smartest business decision. We have had a major order in from a Mr Steven Trigg, but apart from that we haven’t sold a single cake.”

The Journal reached out to Tippett at his home in the Gold Coast, but was told that his home is actually in Sydney.




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