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Australia’s Leading Ornithologist Cites Brett Burton as Biggest Inspriation

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Most Ornithologists enter the profession due to a fascination with birds, but Australia’s pre-eminent expert in ornithology began his career due to a fascination with the Birdman.

Elliot Barber, 29, says that his passion for the profession began when he saw Brett ‘Birdman’ Burton sit on the head of a Melbourne player in 2001.

“I was amazed. How did he get so high? From then on I was hooked. I had to know more.”

“I started studying birds looking for answers. I couldn’t explain it. Birds are actually the result of thousands of years of evolution. They are a sleek flying machine, perfectly weighted. Birdman is a perfect machine to be sure, but he carries so much weight between his lower torso and his upper thighs that it doesn’t make sense how he can fly so high.”

Barber’s childhood fascination has led to a lucrative career advising the Australian Government on Bird protection programs, a job he says is surprisingly easy.

“The Government don’t know the first thing about birds. I just told them to breed more Crows and they did it. Next I’m going to advise that they start culling Swans. By the time the realise the damage they are doing to the ecosystem my Tippett revenge plan will be complete.”

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