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Claude the Crow Removes Mask and Reveals Himself as Former Cult Hero Wayne Weidemann

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“No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.”

Those are the words of Claude the Crow who today was revealed to be former star player Wayne Weidemann.

Speaking to the Journal, Weidemann explained how he struggled with life post football.

“I grew up in small town Victoria. Once I tasted the life of fame and fortune in Adelaide I couldn’t go back. Footy is a tough industry. It chews you up and spits you out. I used to drink for free at every pub south of Alberton. As soon as I retired  the kids started buying drinks for blokes like Andrew Crowell. That stung.”

It was this experience that prompted Wayne to return to the club, albeit in a slightly different capacity.

“I walked in there and said – give me the costume and a dance track and watch the crowd go beserk! The lady at the front desk didn’t understand what I was on about. I think in the end they gave me the gig to shut me up.”

Ever since taking the role Weidemann has taken it from strength to strength, with Claude now a fixture of the Crows gameday experience and online content.

“I love it. The crowds love me, the kids love me. It’s everything I loved about playing footy, except for the free piss.”

Weidemann has no plans to hang up the boots.

“I just love dancing.”

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