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Brian Taylor buys properties either side of Rory Sloane’s parents house to ensure he doesn’t interfere in upcoming contract negotiations

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Brian Taylor has broadened his investment portfolio by buying both properties immediately adjacent to Rory Sloane’s parents house as a bidding war for the Crows star gets underway. 

The commentator, known for his big personality and outdated views on homosexuality, famously arranged for former Crow Jake Lever to meet with representatives from the Melbourne Demons during the 2017 season.

Taylor controversially decided not to reveal that he lives next to Lever’s father, Alan ‘Money Man’ Lever and regularly arranged for neighbourhood barbecues hosted by ‘Bad Girls.’

It was confirmed by the Journal that these barbecues were solely responsible for Lever choosing to return to Victoria for family reasons.

While it is understood that these tactics have so far been unsuccessful with Sloane’s parents, there is concern within the club that Taylor’s limited influence within Channel Seven may unwittingly result in an executive with a normal brain function offering Sloane’s wife Belinda a significant media contract.

Sloane’s potential departure would be another in the string of star players to leave Adelaide, following in the footsteps of Ricky Henderson, Matthew Wright, Sam Kerridge and Harrison Wigg.

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