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Gold Coast Player Tom Lynch changes name to Josh Jenkins.

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Gold Coast player Tom Lynch has today stunned family and friends by legally changing his name to Josh Jenkins.

Speaking from his home on the Gold Coast, Jenkins (formerly Lynch) said that he was sick of receiving fan mail addressed to Tom Lynch from the Adelaide Crows.

“The amount of messages I receive addressed to “Ten Goal Tommy” is sickening. The most I’ve ever kicked in a game is seven, and that only happened because I had Jarryd Lyons sending them down from the centre square.”

“I couldn’t deal with it anymore. I figured that if I am going to be subjected to having the same name as another player, I might as well be better than them. I was going to change my name to Charlie Dixon, but then I would have had to deal with the Alcoholics Anonymous blokes here on the Gold Coast trying to get me to come to their meetings.”

“So far the only weird thing that’s happened is I’ve started getting all these emails regarding NBA subscriptions, and Google keeps directing me to information about how to crash packs. Weird.”

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