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Former North Melbourne player shocked to discover adequate exercise equipment at new club

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Adelaide Crows star recruit Sam Gibson has today spoken of his confusion on his first day of preseason when he discovered his new club provided players with adequate training facilities and equipment.

“I was pretty shocked when I walked in. There were weights, massage tables, and exercise bikes! I’ve never seen so many bikes! We only had one at North, and Brad (Scott) used to wait until Robin Nahas was on it and then tell the whole room that real men ride women. It was weird.”

Despite the improvement in environment, Gibson says he is still trying to familiarise himself with his surroundings.

“I’m not allowed to touch the bench press yet. Apparently they are having trouble finding someone to lift it since Sando got sacked. I heard that they don’t use cinder blocks here either, and I haven’t seen the cool room full of meat carcasses yet like we used to have at North.”

Speaking to the Journal after another gruelling preseason session, Gibson said he was fitting in well at his new club. “The boys are all pretty great, I’ve made friends with most of them. Josh Jenkins keeps going on about the NBA and trying to get me to listen to his podcast but apart from that everyone has been really welcoming.”

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