The West Lakes Journal goes to print with much fanfare

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After decades of waiting on the local Newscorp tabloid to deliver a single scoop, Adelaide Crows fans have rejoiced today as the long awaited West Lakes Journal finally went to print.

Based out of West Lakes, with a small but talented team, the Journal will cover only the most important breaking stories in the state of South Australia – those relating to the Adelaide Football Club.

Speaking at the Journal’s exclusive launch, AFC CEO Andrew Fagan said that he was looking forward to the balance and integrity that the news outlet would bring to the industry.

“It’s no secret that I have a murderous hatred for most sports journalists in this state, and that is mild compared to my feelings for those across the border. The conversations I’ve had with West Lakes Journal editors to date have been encouraging, except for their repeated questions about how I got such a chiseled rig.”

“I look forward to the Journal offering a unique, balanced perspective on football in this state.”

Port Adelaide President David Koch was also in attendance, but launched a scathing attack on the news publication when his request for a favourable Karl Amon article was denied.

“What’s the bloody point of having Michelangelo and Kane on the pay roll if these johnny-come-lately’s aren’t going to play ball. I also heard their website was geoblocked in China. Do you know how many Chinese kids want to read about Karl Amon when they wake up in the morning? This paper will be dead quicker than Ken and I’s working relationship.”


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